GRAW2 Throwback pack includes maps you already own

When I say “you”, I mean “those who aren’t me”. Ubi’s GRAW2 is the first in the series I ever got around to playing, so I’m not exactly wrapped up in the idea of playing my favorite maps from games gone by, because — well, I never played ’em. But those of you with fond memories, you’re in luck, or screwed, depending on your reasoning: IGN tells us that the GRAW2 Throwback map pack, a compilation of seven maps from previous Ghost Recon titles, are now available for 800 Microsoft points.

Being part of the exclusive club of folks who crapped their pants when cs_assault was finally made available in Counter-Strike: Source, I’m definitely sympathetic to those stoked on getting some of their favorite maps in the latest update of Ghost Recon, but a might peeved at the thought of paying for them. While shelling out cash for downloadable content (and complaining about it) isn’t exactly new, 800 points seems a bit steep for maps that lots of you already, y’know, own.

Of course, any amount of new content for GRAW2 multiplayer is good news, being my latest vice and all. It’s new to me, so I’ll probably be on board. Anybody looking for an easy slaughter should keep an eye out for gamertag Tiefooz; I play at a level comparable to a drunken infant.

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