Gravitation released, existential anxiety ensues


You played Passage, right? You know, the little five minute game which managed to cram more thematic meaning and sheer emotion into a 100×16 pixel window than anyone would have ever thought possible? If you didn’t, you should. If you did, join me at the next paragraph.

Jason Rohrer, creator of Passage, just finished his follow-up game. Titled Gravitation, Rohrer describes it as “a videogame about mania, melancholia, and the creative process.”

That is literally all you need to know about it. Arrow keys move, spacebar jumps, every game mechanic has an intentional symbolic meaning. Don’t read the artist’s statement until you’re done.

I plan on doing a dual Indie Nation article on Gravitation and Stars Over Half Moon Bay this Friday, when we can all ruin both games with obvious analyzation and deconstruction. For now, just download Gravitation and enjoy it. And if you like it, donate a few bucks.

Anthony Burch