Grasp some concepts with this God of War III concept art

Concerned that fans would want to start their own Web sites, Sony has updated its official God of War III site with a “God of War Fan Kit Starter Pack.”

Thrown into the zipped bundle of files is some previously seen God of War III screenshots, some images of the games logo, the God of War series font, as well as some music and sound effects. What’s interesting to us is the concept art that’s also included, which we believe is previously unseen. Now, living in our gallery, it is seen. And it looks unsurprisingly awesome. So there you go. 

We were also happy to find two layered Photoshop documents of Kratos and Zeus, which makes it easy to do things like Photoshop them into screencaps of the video for Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face.” Or into this random picture of Rahzel at the 2007 Spike VGAs that we had lying around. Just for you, we’ve put that stuff after the jump. Enjoy.

We warned you.

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