Gran Turismo Prologue gets a vehicular update

Today, an update added several cars and a few gameplay enhancements to Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. The update is free and the cars are probably wicked fast.

The first of the new cars is the GT by Citroen. As explained by SCEA producer Taku Imasaki (via PlayStationBlog), the car is a result of a collaborative effort between Citroen and the developer of GT, Polyphony Digital. Apparently it’s a real car that the developers helped to create. The other two cars included in the update are the Ferrari California and the Lotus Evora, which are also real but not designed by videogame dudes.

As far as gameplay modifications, the crew at Polyphony are changing up some of the speed penalties, upping race event earnings, fixing response times from the wireless controller and tinkering with the volume balance. All in all this seems like a pretty sweet deal to any GT Prologue owners. My question is, what can possibly be included with Gran Turismo 5 at this rate?

Brad BradNicholson