Gran Turismo causing wrecks? No. Stupid kids causing wrecks [UPDATE]

The Times Online has a story up about one Christopher Hayden, a 19-year-old British gentleman, who undoubtedly is hated by both his parents and his local pastor for being an especially stupid boy.

You see, Mr. Hayden took it upon himself to crash his BMW into the vehicle of a septigenarian woman shortly after playing a few rounds of Gran Turismo on the in-dash entertainment system of his fancy car. The woman died at the scene of the crash. Of course, the media almost trampled each other in an effort to be the first to report that Gran Turismo must have caused the erratic driving and vehicular murder, and as much as I’m usually the guy who calls the media out on this kind of thing, I’m having trouble restraining myself from beating Mr. Hayden to death with a DualShock controller.

Chris, I really wanted to be able to call The Times a bunch of wankers, but when you start playing Gran Turismo on the dashboard-mounted monitor in the BMW your parents must have bought you, only to kill an old woman minutes later, you’re making it really hard for me.

[UPDATE: Nex can’t read. Turns out the kid was in a car that managed to force the old woman’s car into the BMW which, in turn, caused her death. Everything else is still applicable, just forget the snarkiness about the kid being spoiled.] 

Earnest Cavalli
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