Go!View goes live in the UK

Sky Digital, the UK & Ireland based broadcasting service, and Sony have announced that the PSP service Go!View is ready to download today. Go!View is marketed as the all-access and on-demand video service for the PSP. It provides all Sky Digital content, including movies, sports, and other TV programming.

Users who want to get in on the action with their PSPs are going to have to open up their wallets. There are three different programming packages available, and a tiered monthly subscription fee to boot. The service will offer comedy, sports, and entertainment separately, but users have the option of subscribing to several at a discounted rate. As it stands now, a single package will cost five Euros a month, while all three will only be ten Euros.

If the Euros and UK thing wasn’t a tip-off, the service is only offered in the UK. Personally, I think video streaming on the PSP is a brilliant idea. I love my iPhone, but watching movies on the PSP reigns supreme while I am at the gym. Hopefully Sony can get something worked out in the states on this scale. It would be great to have access to Emeril or G4 while I’m breaking a sweat or in-between games.

[via Next-Gen]

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