Golgoth working on Data East IP after Toki remake

Any studio who can so brilliantly capture the essence of a retro game and bring it into the modern era — without going overboard — like Golgoth is doing with Toki is fine by me. In an interview with GameSetWatch, the developer explains what it was like to tackle such a project, which is a good read in and of itself.

More interesting to me, however, was the mention of Golgoth’s next game. On the quest to find Toki‘s license holder, the studio was offered to take a look at some Data East IPs from a Japanese company called G-mode. Sure enough, the developer signed an agreement to produce another game.

All we know is that it’s A) a co-op platformer and B) an “old” Data East license. My initial reaction was that it must be Joe & Mac, and upon finding out that G-mode does indeed own the license to that game, I’m willing to bet that’s the next project for Golgoth.

Joe & Mac was pretty good, even if I enjoyed the sequel Lost in the Tropics considerably more. Just thinking about what some of the old sprites would look like after these guys get their hands on them has got me all hot and bothered.

Jordan Devore
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