GoldenEye 64 multiplayer maps coming to Perfect Dark XBLA

Okay, so GoldenEye 007 may never truly come to Xbox Live Arcade, but it seems that Rare has found a very nice workaround. Multiplayer maps and weapons from the classic Bond shooter will be coming to Perfect Dark XBLA, effectively emulating the GoldenEye experience without having to finagle a license from Nintendo’s legal department. Clever girl. 

The maps and weapons were actually part of the original Perfect Dark when it launched on the Nintendo 64. Microsoft’s Ken Lobbs confirmed that these bonuses will be returning when Perfect Dark re-releases on Xbox Live, taking us as close to GoldenEye as we can get without a release of the real game. 

Perfect Dark is released on March 17 and will cost a cool 800 Moon Dollars.

MS confirms GoldenEye Maps for Perfect Dark [Videogamer]

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