Godfather II will have strategy elements: Blog headlines get less interesting

While the original Godfather game was considered very GTA-ish in its approach, and maybe a little shallow in comparison to the books and films it was based on, the sequel is promising a much more strategic approach that will make players feel more like a scheming crime lord.

Godfather II will have a “Don’s View” mode which can be accessed at any time to distribute goods and check up on your gang activities in the cities of Miami, Havana and — wait for it — New York. Using this new mechanic, you can plan ahead and get extra benefits, such as an armored car, increased protection money and rival families arrested in set ups. 

It’s not all planning, however, and you’ll be getting your hands dirty with one of six distinct character classes — bruiser, demolitions expert, arsonist, medic, safe cracker, and engineer. You will be able to grant your in-game avatar one of a dozen personalities as well, which will alter the way you get through the game. 

Sounds good to me. Nothing about multiplayer as of yet, but one can’t imagine that EA would be leaving such a thing out. Who among the Dtoid community is looking forward to extorting cash from terrified shopkeepers?

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