God of War leather case makes for a stylish presentation

Okay, so you bought the exceptionally gaudy red PSP bundle because you wanted the free game. Fine, but how are you going to carry around your somewhat new prize? Apparently, the guys at dealextreme have got you covered for all of your leather God of War PSP holding needs.

This leather PSP holder speaks to the Kratos enthusiast more than any other product on the market. It sucks that your man won’t be in Soul Calibur IV, but at least you can still carry around his face in your pants pocket. Besides being a wonderful deep brown, it also features a plastic clasp on the inside to make sure your PSP will not wriggle around too much. The case is an import item, so if you need instructions on how to use it properly, you may be in trouble in more ways than one.

I need a nice carrying case for my PSP, and I am tired of looking at the majorly bulky or unappealing options available. This thing is pretty sleek considering that it will be holding a portable symbol of a person’s affection for videogames. Honestly, I can’t wait for the day when I can carry around a leather case with Johnny Cage’s face on it. Sure, he may be a bit more outdated that Kratos, but that split-punch revolutionized my youth.

[Via PSPfanboy]

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