Gothic ‘n’ gory Gloomwood hits Early Access August 16

gloomwood early access pc gaming show trailer

Axe you nicely

If there’s one thing that the PC Gaming Show nailed this year, it was remembering not to forget to show New Blood’s Gothic first-person adventure Gloomwood, which previously had the misfortune of being left off of the show by accident, and uploaded to social media once the stream had finished. Oops.

Anyway, those who have been waiting to dive into its gory gaslit world will be pleased to hear that Gloomwood finally has an Early Access date, and will be opening its creaky wooden doors on Steam come August 16. Gloomwood‘s stealth ‘n’ slash action will come as snug entertainment to those who enjoyed that ’90s Thief titles, which clearly presented a form of inspiration to the New Blood devs.

In between all the creeping and cranium-axing, players can also indulge in a spot of suitcase arranging, ala Resident Evil 4, which as fans know is almost a compelling game in and of itself. If this is your first time hearing about Gloomwood, then be sure to check out the trailer below to get yourself up to speed on New Blood’s latest old-school-cool release. Check out the trailer below, which features several titles from the New Blood catalog along with some e-e-edgy comedy.

Gloomwood goes live on Steam Early Access August 16.

Chris Moyse
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