Gifting, MP3 killing Wii updates now available

My Wii disc tray has been glowing blue for two weeks, and I’ve just been too lazy to turn it on and see what’s up. But maybe I should have, because how else will I know when Nintendo has decided to upgrade the system’s firmware? 

For those dilligent enough check their Wii messages on the regular, the glow you’re seeing now is the updated system software and other goodies. The Virtual Console/Wii Ware title gift giving feature is now available via the shop channel, so feel free to start sending us crap we’re too cheap to buy. Additionally, Photo Channel version 1.1 is now available as an optional download; this adds personalized icons, but in an absolutely brilliant move, strips the Wii of its MP3 support.

Oh, and sorry Sterling — I tried sending you $200 in Virtual Console games, but it looks like those suckers are region locked. Oops. 


Nick Chester