Ghostbusters video informs us not to look directly into the trap

News flash: Terminal Reality is currently polishing a Ghostbusters videogame adaptation for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. If you find your mouth agape, congratulations! That means at some point during the last eight months you went outside among the dangers of the digital-less world. Flowers and birds are sweet, aren’t they? Be weary of cars  (those shiny, loud things that move fast) as they aren’t prone to not stopping if you don’t follow those pretty white lines called a “crosswalk.”

I’m only joking. Even if you somehow traversed the front door within the last year, it’s hard to avoid the buzz of Terminal Reality’s game. The above is a simple teaser for it dubbed “Rule 2: Don’t look directly into the trap.” Surprisingly, it features quite a bit of rule breaking, as you’ll find yourself staring into the white glow more than once.

I haven’t had the opportunity to play this version of the Ghostbusters game, but Hamza has. Hamza lauded the AI for its intelligence and promised plenty of proton beam destruction.

Brad BradNicholson