Ghost Recon meets Civil War, probably terrible

A few days ago, Activision announced their newest and most exciting title yet, Civil War: Secret Missions. The game is all about the guerrilla tactics used by the Union and Confederate armies to disrupt supply lines. Players will be able to conduct train raids, steal ships, and possibly even shoot other people. The game also plays on the duality of the war, allowing players to be a part of either side of the conflict. Luckily, no mention of how many times players will have to stare at the whites of their opponents eyes while frantically trying to reload their musket manufactured by children in loathsome factories.

I always had high hopes for Civil War games. Really what I want is a Civil War surgeon title. I want to be deep in the allied camp, searching for my hacksaw and asking wounded soldiers to bite down on their tack as I cut their leg off. Sadly, I don’t think developers are thinking along the same lines as me. History Channel’s Civil War: Secret Missions will be released “later this year” for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and PC.

Brad BradNicholson