GH2 360 axes not quite golden? (See what I did there? It’s topical!)

We received an email from one of our readers a few moments ago claiming something might be amiss with the controllers for the just-released Guitar Hero 2 for the Xbox 360. I’ll let Paul tell it;

Today I picked up GH2 360 at Game Crazy in Hemet CA. Had a bad whammy.. Very  erratic  control. Had to really whack it around to get to to bend a note, and when it did bend it was late and not controlled like GH and GH2 on ps2.

So we opened up another and it was the same.

Also, [the] Demo unit [was the] same!

All defective units were the model with the mystery port by the cable.. Model # 95055, HV1.0 (Sticker on back of controller).

Normally we’d chalk this up to a single, localized incident, but the Internets seem to be resonating with the angry typing of people who’ve experienced similar things, and if there’s one thing I know about the Intertubes, it’s that they never lie (also, that they are “serious business”, but that’s a different story).

We’ll keep you guys updated on whether these things are defective or not, but until this whole thing gets sorted, I’d recommend picking up guitars with model number 95065, BV1.0 on that sticker Paul mentioned. Also, keep plastic bags away from children and don’t feed the bears.

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