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Prototype was a weird game for me. The general concept — terrorize an entire city as a badass, unstoppable mutant who plain old doesn’t give a damn about anyone — is right up my alley. But somewhere along the way the message was lost on me.

Perhaps it was when I stopped saying “ohh, that thing off in the distance looks interesting, let me check it out” and started going through the actual story missions. Whatever the case may be, this post-launch “Tips ‘n Tricks” video for the game taught me a few things I didn’t know you could do.

For example, you can change your appearance while briefly underwater, and when you hop back out, no one will know what’s going on. “Zeus jumped in the water. Fire on him as soon as he com–oh wait, it’s one of our men. The target must still be hiding under there or something. How about we all act confused and look in every imaginable direction? Sounds good to me!”

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