Get out your crayons: Capcom Final Fight coloring contest

As a nonconformist, I go outside the lines when I’m coloring. That may not be the best idea for Capcom’s Color of Conflict coloring contest. They’ve put together some digital cover art for the upcoming game release Final Fight: Double Impact. Sans color. It’s up to fans to color it.

The best design goes on an expenses-paid trip to New Orleans, where’ they’ll go to the Captivate event, see new games, hang out with Capcom staff (all great people, BTW) and have a blast. Of course, your work will be the cover art for the game. On top of all of that, the winner will get a poster of their winning work, a free copy of the game, and swag from the event. Not too shabby!

You’ll want to go here to the official page to get the full details on the contest. The image to be colored is below in our gallery. I got you started above.

Check out our preview of Final Fight: Double Impact here.

Dale North