Get Cryostasis on the cheap from Amazon today

Let me be perfectly honest here: I haven’t played Cryostasis myself. My PC isn’t up to snuff; you know how it goes. However, I have heard mostly good things about the (reportedly) creepy game, and Amazon has got a pretty sweet deal on it good for today only.

Perhaps the coolest thing about the game is its plot. You venture through a shipwrecked nuclear icebreaker and relive the memories of the ship’s dead crew in order to find out what went horribly wrong and even alter history so that the crash doesn’t occur.

Kind of an unusual premise, no? I’ve been told Cryostasis has its fair share of bugs, but the positives tend to outweigh the problems. Hey, you could do a lot worse for $12.98. Anyone here want to verify the game’s radness (or lack thereof)?

Jordan Devore
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