Get all touchy-feely with Ninja Gaiden Dragon Swords

Are you sitting down? Tomonobu Itagaki and Team Ninja have announced a new Ninja Gaiden game! Its name? Ninja Gaiden Dragon Swords.

But here’s the rub (*ahem*) — it’s for the Nintendo DS. Get it? Dragon Swords? DS? See what they did there? Man, that really never gets old, guys. Please, keep doing that, because its exponentially more clever each time someone does it.

If the platform of choice doesn’t surprise you (Team Ninja had previously revealed they were working on an untitled DS game, as well as one for the Sony PSP), maybe the way you play will. According to reports, the DS will be held in the sideways “book-style,” similar to how you played Hotel Dusk. All actions will be controlled by the stylus; this includes movement, attacks, and various flavors of ninja magic.

There’s currently no information or release date for a non-Japanese release.

[Via Famitsu, NeoGAF]

Nick Chester