George A. Romero wants you to leave his zombies alone!

What would videogames, let alone pop culture, be without zombies? What would we spend unquantifiable amounts of money on year after year for our own personal entertainment? What, I ask you, would be big enough to fill the gap between out current existence and the ultimate apocalypse?

Thanks to George A. Romero, we don’t have to ask these questions. The “godfather” of zombies himself took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with our own R3Y GUTI3RR3Z, and talk about what zombie have become since he first turned them into entertainment and horror icons with his film, Night of the Living Dead.

The scene: “Zombie Walk” in San Francisco. The film: Survival of the Dead. Walking down the streets of San Francisco, alongside crowds of Zombies to celebrate this new film (as well as the upcoming App of the Dead), we celebrated zombie culture in style to honor this long-celebrated icon.

Take a look at the video to see coverage of the walk, as well as our interview with George, and find out more about what his take on what his take on what the future of zombies may or may not hold.

[Personal thanks from R3Y to Gabriel “SnakeDude4Life” Gomez for giving him a hand with some zombie questions.]

Dan Lingen