Gears of War 2 multiplayer free this weekend

Gears of War 2-ownin’ Xbox LIVE Silver members are getting a special treat courtesy of Epic Games and Microsoft this weekend. According to the Gears 2 Web site, multiplayer is — in a sense — free for the weekend. Until 11:59 on August 3rd, Silver members can play Gears 2 multiplayer without having to upgrade to a Gold account.

Gold members should smell blood in the water. Think about the wonderful statistical-boosting opportunity Epic just handed you. Clueless folk are filling rooms as you’re reading this. One weekend isn’t enough to learn the nuance of the chainsaw battle or become familiar with sniper rifle or Hammer of Dawn spawn-points. It certainly isn’t long enough to learn all of the special hiding spots you may frequent on boring afternoons. Time to feed, guys.


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