Gearbox ‘committed’ to Aliens: Colonial Marines

The level of quiet surrounding Aliens: Colonial Marines has been concerning, even more so since Sega stated that the game’s release will depend upon how successful Aliens vs. Predator is. Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford is still convinced the game is coming, and is waiting for Sega to let him say more.

“Yeah, of course. I’m committed to it,” states Pitchford. “I know there’s been a lot of rumors, but I try to be above that stuff. Whatever. We’re all in, baby! When Sega’s ready, they’ll cut me loose and I’ll be able to talk about it!”

The Gearbox boss has something to say about Rebellion’s Aliens vs. Predator, sharing his excitement for the game: “Yeah, I think it’s pretty cool. Rebellion is a good team, and I look forward to it. Aliens is such a powerful brand … I’m thankful someone’s doing anything with it! I hope it does really well, and I’ll be a customer for sure.”

He also admits to ripping off the Aliens movie any chance he gets, which is the best film in the world to rip off: “I saw that film fifty million times in college! I’ve been stealing from that movie since it’s come out.”

I really do hope that Colonial Marines sees the light of day. I’m excited for AvP, but I’ve always been a hardcore Xenomorph fan and a more pure Aliens title would be great. Plus, with Gearbox putting so much effort into Borderlands, I’ve steadily grown more and more convinced that the studio would make a great game worthy of the franchise.

Aliens vs. Predator better do well in sales, because this game’s riding on it and I will kill Rebellion if they screw it up.

Jim Sterling