GDC: Sony reveals first PS3 Move game collections

At its GDC press conference today, Sony revealed two PlayStation Move game collections, Sports Champions and Move Party

Sports Champions (working title) looks to be a sports-style game collection. Two games were shown off — “Gladiator Duel” and “Table Tennis.” “Gladiator Duel” is a one-on-one third-person fighter where you’ll use two PS3 Move controllers — one for shield, and one for sword (or in this case, a large hammer) controls. The one-to-one controls allow for what looked like relatively precise movements. “Table Tennis” was exactly what it sounds like… you play table tennis. 

“Move Party” (working title) is another mini-game collection that uses “augmented reality” to put players “in the game.” (How’s that for buzz phrases?) Players will use the EyeToy camera to take pictures of themselves for an in-game icon, using the microphone to record a voice sample as well. We saw a few mini-games, each of which put a different object in the hands of the player, who appeared on the screen holding the item. A few games were shown off — the player uses a racket to swap flies, a paint brush to paint shapes, and a fan to blow birds into nests. 

From what I’m seeing here, these look like enhanced versions of things we’ve already seen on the Nintendo’s Wii. Sony’s giving us a chance to get our hands on it later, so we’ll let you know how it feels once we get it in our hands. 


Nick Chester