GDC 2007: Stay at the W Hotel, score a job with Sony

The initial crew of Destructoid has landed in San Francisco as we prepare to demolish the Game Developer’s Conference with our mighty foot. As Nex, Colette and I checked into our hotel (the posh W Hotel in downtown San Fran), we were a bit shocked to see that emblazoned on the back of our room cards was a bit of advertising for jobs at Sony — check please!

We’re a little confused, but we’re ready to play along as San Francisco prepares to be the home of sweaty nerd types ready to talk shop. Stay tuned to Destructoid all week for up-to-the-minute GDC news (or at least as up to the minute as we can do) and even a live video Podtoid or two — perhaps with less racism, but you never know. 

Robert Summa