GDC 2007: Star Trek MMO concept art revealed

I had the pleasure of visiting the Perpetual Entertainment offices yesterday to check out the concept art for upcoming MMO Star Trek Online. While the game itself is still in the early stages of development, I saw hundreds of amazing sketches and paintings that got me panty squirming over the future of this game.

It’s been hard for any MMO to capture my attention lately as a lot of them seem to be level grinding disguised in different costumes, but STO is putting a high level of detail into a a universe that is already much beloved by millions of fans. Set 20 years after the events of the last film, the game will allow you to play many familiar races and also introduces a new race called the Bimphalians that look downright grumpy enough to eat you.

They weren’t allowed to release too much information at the consequence of certain death, but we were allowed to share a new concept pieces with our readers and tell them they have a lot to look forward to. Keep an eye on us for more updates on this amazing project as they become avaliable. In the meantime, there’s no bad time for Next Generation reruns. 

Colette Bennett