GDC 2007: Morning after pills

Yesterday here at GDC was pretty epic for Destructoid. We started the day with Miyamoto’s less-than-stellar keynote and then ended with some uber drunken times with Chobot and the Dtoid crew.

We can easily say for GDC: We came, we saw, we conquered. Here’s some of the really cool stuff from the crew here in San Francisco yesterday:

GDC 2007: Sitting down with Sony
GDC 2007: N-Gage interview
GDC 2007: Prince of Persia: Rival Swords PSP (all the best stuff is at the end)
GDC 2007: Gods and Heroes; shakycam interview and new screen shots
GDC 2007: Mark Rein and Unreal Engine 3
GDC 2007: Crytek2 Engine; thus, I saw the glory of God … and it was good
GDC 2007: Miyamoto keynote — will people accept my games in the future?
GDC 2007: Gettin Shiggy wit it
GDC 2007: Live blogging Miyamoto keynote


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