GDC 2007: Morning after pills

Today is the first real morning after a full day of GDC goodness. Because of that (and because we at Dtoid like to do things a bit different), I thought I’d do morning after wrap-ups of some of the more interesting stuff encountered throughout the previous day and night. My Microsoft Monday morning after pills:

Fable 2: If what is to be believd comes true, then we got a no brainer, real big hit on our hands. We’ll have more on that later.

• XNA: One of those things you can’t really grasp until it’s laid out and explained to you. If it continues down the path their heading, then big things are going to be changing in the industry.

Forza 2: Hot. And, we’re already discussing our prize plans for a Dtoid car design contest — don’t worry, we’ll make it worth your while. 

• XBLA: Meh. It’s XBLA.

• Random game journo types: All my good friendly ones are here, even the not-so-friendly ones. Although, after last night, there may not be good friendly ones left.

• N-Gage: A way to make games on cell phones actually work? Yes, please. 

Robert Summa