GDC 2007: Mercenaries 2 developer walkthrough

Pandemic was on hand at the GDC to show off their new next-gen title, Mercenaries 2. Even in this pre-alpha version of the game, it’s looking incredibly good, and has quickly risen to the top of my “must play” list for 2007.

What I find interesting is their choice of console to demo the game on — the Xbox 360. The team had been adamant about the game not coming to Microsoft’s console (although it had already been revealed it would be, along with a PS2 version) and have previously stated that the PlayStation 3 was the lead platform for the title. It’s a bit strange that they’d feel the 360 version would be more polished and better suited for “public” demonstration.

Hit the jump for part two of the walkthrough, including tank gameplay and even more crap blowing up.

Nick Chester