GDC 09: Level 5 show off new Ninokuni screens

In a panel entitled “Level 5’s Technique to Producing a Hit Game” at this year’s GDC, Hiroshi Akira Hino, Level 5 president, spoke about working on Professor Layton and the importance of promoting development in the field. The end of thesession focused on the collaboration with Studio Ghibli on the DS title Ninokuni: The Another World, which you may remember me losing my mind over some months ago.

Quite a few slides were shown from the DS title, which you can see here. It looks evvery bit as gorgeous as I hoped for and more, and while there was no firm word about whether the title will be released in the United States or not, I am still hopeful. After all, considering that Disney saw the merit in distributing Studio Ghibli’s films here, it seems a shame to pass up a game made from the same cloth.

[Via Famitsu]

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