GDC 08: Spore declares a console war

It would seem that only Will Wright can decide the console war, as the versatility of the Spore creation system is put to great use here. The above image is of several buildings that have been adapted by a player to resemble a Wii, a PS3 controller, a GameCube and an Xbox 360.

Certainly cute, but more importantly, it serves to highlight Spore‘s adept asset creation. Could it be that we’re finally close to a game that allows the creations you had intended to make, instead of a poor and shoddy shadow of the golden image that’s trapped in your mind? Too many times have I known the frustration of character creation systems that refuse to give me what I want, so if Spore can do things like this, count me in.

I must confess I really haven’t been hugely hyped for Spore. Images like the above, however, go some way to providing a remedy for that.

Jim Sterling