GC 10: Move wins gamescom award, console wars over

Well, this it is it. The debate over whether Move is better than Kinect is over. No, scratch that. All console wars ever are over. Sony has won. Period. Conclusion. No debate. End of conversation. Other thing that means we aren’t debating something anymore.

Why, you ask, as you hurl your now useless Wii, Xbox 360 and other gaming consoles out the window. It’s because Move has won an award at gamescom for the best console accesories. It was chosen by a panel of gamescom experts, people! This sh*t is serious.

Aside from the  most important award ever given out ever the panel of German videogame industry experts also awarded some other prizes for best of show. The be below. 

(Credit to goes to Mr. Ponce for being clever with image selection.)

Gamescom: Move beats Kinect to major award [CGV]

Best of gamescom: Gran Turismo 5

Best hardware accessory: PlayStation Move

Best console game: Gran Turismo 5

Best mobile/handheld game: Super Scribblenauts

Best online game: Guild Wars 2

Best PC game: Crysis 2

Best Family Entertainment: Kirby’s Epic Yarn

It’s good to see that Super Scribblenauts is impressing, though the original had everyone’s mind blown as well and it managed to disappoint. Gran Turismo 5 seems like a pretty obvious choice, especially in Europe and so does Crysis 2. Glad to see any mention of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, even if they are pigeonholing it into a category that isn’t Bestest Thing Ever Made.

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