GC 10: Day two wrap up

There is no blood left in my coca cola stream. The team here at gamescom are literately running off three hours sleep and a ton of free cola from EA. I am terrified of what will happen when my sugar and caffeine levels are forced to return to normal.

In the mean time, Dan and I once again talk about our day at gamescom. We talk about what we liked, didn’t like and of course, what we are looking forward to. Make sure that you keep checking Destrcutoid over the next few days as we continue to bring you the very best from gamescom 2010. Check the below for our day two coverage in the meantime!

GC 10: Rock ‘n’ rolling with Mad Catz
GC 10: Chatting with the team behind Final Fantasy XIV
GC 10: Getting giddy over Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

GC 10: Kinect Dashboard hands-on and XBL expansion
GC 10: Assassins Creed: Brotherhood single-player preview
GC 10: You are the king in Fable III
GC 10: Enemies explode into little bits in Dragon Age 2
GC 10: InstantJam: playing a guitar game in Facebook

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