Garden Warfare 2 is going to bring Rose down a notch


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If you've spent any amount of time playing Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 online, you undoubtedly see Rose when you close your eyes at night. There she is, way off in the distance, grinning. She knows you can't escape her homing shots. And even if you did, there's never just one Rose. They travel in packs! Players and PopCap agree: she's overpowered.

"Rose was conceived as a support role/specialist, not a primary damage dealer, and we've been working on rebalancing her to fit that role," the studio said in a blog post today. "This fix is going to be implemented very soon and we thank you for your patience and incredible support while we get it ready."

For the time being, might I suggest fighting back with the Scientist? The Marine Biologist variant in particular is adept at taking Rose out before she can cast spells. You just need to get in close enough. To that end, I've had good luck teaming up with a second healer to sneak behind enemy lines and wipe out whole groups of Rose players. They tend to bunch up in the back.