GameStop says Nintendo held back Wiis, will have good supply in April

Take this for what you will, but according to GameStop COO Dan DeMatteo, Nintendo intentionally held back on their Wii distribution because apparently the company already made the bank they wanted to (see, money > customer). Additionally, DeMatteo claims that April will prove to be a beautiful month for Wii hunters on the prowl.

“I don’t think [Wii supply] going to be an issue going forward, and—it’s just my opinion—I think [Nintendo] intentionally dried up their supply because they made their numbers for the year,” said DeMatteo in a Q&A session during GameStop’s quarterly conference call. “[Nintendo’s] new year starts April 1st, and I think we’re going to see supply flowing.

“We were concerned about the dryness [of Wii inventory] in March, but it looks like April is going to be good,” he said.

“Intentionally dried up their supply”? You think that’s true? Could the company really be so sinister? They make Mario games, right, they can’t be all that bad. 

Robert Summa