GameStop predicts $50 price drop on Xbox 360 and PS3

Yesterday we told you how games retailer GameStop is rolling in cash this year, and how they predict that the rest of the year would be even bigger for them. They’re estimating that total sales will be up 25 percent, even with a couple of console price drops.

Their estimates actually figure in price drops of $50 for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 some time this year. 

GameStop COO Dan DeMatteo said in a conference call, “Our guidance continues to assume the hardware price cut we talked about at the very beginning of the year, assuming there is about a $50 price cut on both the [Xbox 360] and PS3 going into the holiday season.” 

Maybe all of these rumors, leaks and hardware revisions will finally pan out this holiday.

[Via Gamespot]

Dale North