Gamer’s screaming triggers SWAT team response

When I first saw this story, I thought it was old news from Copenhagen, where a SWAT team hilariously responded to the sounds of gunfire coming from a loud PS3. However, it’s happened again. A woman was out walking and heard screams coming from a New Jersey house. She did the natural thing and phoned for the professionals, but when they got there, it all went a bit daft. 

Upon police arrival, the resident of the house refused to let them in, explaining that the screams were caused by a videogame session. He was said to be “irrational” at this point, and when more cops arrived, he threatened them and slammed the door in their faces. 

Cops had to speak with the man through open windows, and then the SWAT Team arrived. Seriously. 

Eventually, the man left his abode peacefully, and currently awaits psychological examination at the Somerset Medical Center. This makers the second time in history that an armed response team has had to interrupt a man’s gaming session. Not quite as funny as the Danish incident, but still pretty brilliant.

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