Gamers Against Violence Week ’07

It’s not often enough that gamers gather for a good cause. No, a late night World of Warcraft raid or a LAN party to celebrate the release of new Halo 2 maps does not count. Put your Nintendo DS in your Yoshi fanny pack and get ready to leave the house, folks.

Starting on May 5, The Girl Gaming Network and Advanced Media Network will host a nationwide week long stand against real-life violence. Kicking off with the first ever gamers’ peace rally hosted by the Empire of Acadia in New York’s Bryant Park on May 5. Events will also be held in Oklahoma and Canada.

Throughout the week, people are being encouraged to hold their own local events and spread the word. The week ends on May 12 when the Girl Gaming Network hosts events in Los Angeles and Orlando, FL, and Advanced Media Networks hosts an event in Carson City, NV.

With community support and corporate sponsorship, these events are going to be huge, and it’s a great opportunity for gamers to show they’re not the seven-headed monsters some would have the media believe. From the press release:

“I am a person first – then a gamer,” says The Girl Gaming Network’s Becky Young. “Many tend to forget that it is the individual who is to blame when tragedies strike. While it is important to understand that not all forms of entertainment are appropriate for all people and ages, it is also important to note that it is not fair to place blame on an entire industry or culture. There are many of us who play games and understand the difference between people and pixels. This week, we are standing up and giving back to the community!”

Beckyon this week’s episode of Epileptic Gaming, where she’ll talk a little more about the events. More information on the events, including how you can get involved, can be found at

Nick Chester