Gamecock’s Mike Wilson announces running mate

After the news announcement yesterday that Gamecock president Harry Miller was boldly supporting current ESA prez Mike Gallagher rather than his business partner, Mike Wilson, the general consensus around the Dtoid offices was that someone was pulling our chain. It wasn’t the news so much as the statements issued by Wilson and Miller that seemed .. almost comedic. Here’s a snippet from Wilson’s statement to Game Informer:

“My fellow game industrians, I ask you to look past all the noise and mud slinging you’re likely to see and hear as we approach the all important Los Angeles primary next week, and our BE-3 initiative, taking place very near the belly of the current administration’s beast in the LA Convention center.

“Let’s stick to the issues, and if there is ever a doubt in your mind of whether we can truly shake this industry out of its depressingly stale corporate doldrums, the answer is YES WE AM!!”

This morning, Wilson followed up on the action by releasing the above video announcing his running mate, Douglas Michael Wilson. A mystery man! Obviously, this race is serious business. Hey Gamecock, thanks for being some of the only people in the business that still have a mind for fun. There’s only a few of our kind left around these parts.

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