GameChains help you to keep DS games handy

Of all the portable consoles in history, the Nintendo DS has gotten the widest range of accessories, from handmade purses for girls to cases, skins, special styluses and more. I’ve seen some really cute cases for DS games, but separate ones give me something extra to carry and I prefer to travel light. What’s the solution, then?

GameChains may be perfect for DS users who feel the same, as they use what looks like a keychain and little plastic colored holders to attach carts to your actual DS. They are removable, so much like a key fob with multiple attaching parts, taking them on and off is easy.  You can snag a set of 8 and the chain for $9.95 at their website. Can’t beat the price, that’s for sure.

Any major anime fans will take one look at this and think of what happens to their keychains after Otaku syndrome takes over: the next thing you know, there’s tons of sh*t hanging from every portable device you own, and your friends all have the same affliction. Future GameChains owners may understand that very feeling very soon, depending on how many games you have to dangle.

[Via Marketwire — thanks, Jonathan (and Brad for the pic!)]

SWARTHMORE, PA–(Marketwire – July 9, 2008) – Since the inception of the portable game player, parents around the world have been in the position of hearing their kids complain about losing their favorite hand-held game cartridge, or maybe they’ve found one under the car seat, in the sofa, or in the clothes dryer after having been left in the laundry. Now, thanks to a father/daughter design team, the frustration of missing or losing game cartridges can be a thing of the past.

GameChains® (, now available and compatible with Nintendo DS™ games, helps to alleviate loss by joining the small and expensive cartridges onto a metal chain, letting players switch games quickly and conveniently, but still leaving them removable from the chain. The GameChains® tag line, written by the 9-year-old co-inventor, says it all: “You don’t carry your keys without a key chain, why carry your games without GameChains®!”

GameChains® offers a perfect way to contain games while traveling on vacations, spending time at the pool, riding in the car or simply hanging around the house. The system of laser-cut tabs, powder-coated metal chain, and aggressive, but non-permanent, adhesive pads keep the player’s games convenient and close-at-hand since the additional games hang from the end of the game in play.

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