Game Design Challenge: Game Hero results are interesting

If we ran a contest asking each of you to design your own game hero, what would you come up with? GameCareerGuide did exactly that with its readers, asking them to create a completely original hero character. The top three entries have been featured today. They’re all pretty interesting.

One of the freshest ideas, by Arkansas State University’s James Crow, set out to appeal to women over 30, especially mothers. Character Akiuta’s husband has been murdered and son has gone missing. She groups with other female warriors to save their missing children and village.  Making a character with such a motherly mindset “deeply conflicts whether or how the player sees the character as a sexual being.”

Other top heroes include Jurai, a Moses-like survivor raised in a foreign land by a stranger, destined to kill two evil forces that haunt him and Jaclyn “Jackie” Aylward, a teen lesbian trying to find her lost lover. 

Check out all of these hero profiles at the GCG Web page.

What kind of hero would you make?

[Via Gamasutra]

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