Game Debate to the Death! Tifa VS Aeris

Last week we continued our best gaming heroine debate by arguing over Perfect Dark‘s Joanna Dark and Resident Evil‘s Jill Valentine. Here were the results:

  • Joanna Dark: 31 votes
  • Jill Valentine: 61 votes – Winner!

Jill joins Samus and Jade as the winners in the next round, and that leaves one more bracket open for our female fight to the death. This week’s debate brings babes from the most famous Final Fantasy game out of the whole series — Tifa and Aeris from FF7. There was plenty of women to choose from, but these two are most widely known and praised.

Which woman deserves to win? Does Aeris’s famous death get her sympathy points? Or has Advent Children left you looking for more Tifa? Which of the two turn based RPG tramps is the better gaming heroine? Weigh the pros and cons, cast your votes, give your reasons, and check back next week for a winner and the setup of round two. Feel free to make predictions now for who will go to the end and win.

Tom Fronczak