Game Debate to the Death! Samus FTW!

Damn I love you Dtoiders. It’s been quite the epic estrogen battle over the last two months, and together we’ve all finally settled on the best gaming heroine. Lara Croft, Alyx, Jade, and Jill all failed in the previous weeks, and the votes from the final round have been tallied. Here were the results from last week‘s estrogenocide:

  • Tifa: 39 votes
  • Samus: 89 votes – Winner!

Samus is quite the destroying diva — there was no stopping her in this competition. Not happy with the result? No worries, next year we’ll give March Madness a makeover and set up brackets to run the competition all over again. But when Tifa makes it to the finals, and has this sort of unrelated NSFW persuasion on her side, well I don’t see anyone posing a serious threat to Samus next year. 89 sets an all time record high number of votes for one candidate, making her the most dangerous Dtoid debater we’ve ever seen.

You guys and girl gamers are probably all worn out after the last month of arguing, so I’ll give you a one week break, but then it’s back to breaking necks. In another month or two I’ll start bringing back a few classic debates from last year, such as the “Mother of all Marios” debate, where we ask you to decide on the best three Mario games ever made. You can imagine the madness that’s yet to come — last year it was nearly a three way tie.

So for this week just relax and suggest a few other debates you’d love to see on Destructoid. It doesn’t have to just be one game versus another, or one character versus another. We’ve even done hairdo debates before, so get creative and come up with some good ones!

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