G4 bomb threat; what is the world coming to? [UPDATED AGAIN]

[UPDATE #2: From some of our inside sources, we’ve learned that the device turned out to be a prop bomb used in one of the programs produced by G4. An honest case of mistaken identity enflamed by recent events, or another incident similar to Boston vs The Mooninites? We report, you decide!] 

[Update: The official response from G4 regarding this issue:

The G4 production offices at 12312 Olympic Blvd. were evacuated this morning in response to the discovery of a suspicious device within the building and authorities were immediately called on site.  After investigating the situation and taking all safety precautions, it was determined to be a non-threatening device and employees were safe to return to the building.

There you have it, that’s about it. — Robert Summa] 

We just received an e-mail from one of our many Los Angeles-based friends that the G4 building was the recipient of a bomb threat only an hour or two ago. The building was evacuated and the police were summoned to the scene. There isn’t much information on this as of yet (since it just happened), but we do know that their building has not yet exploded, so you can safely assume it was either a hoax or a really crappy bomb.

More on this as it develops. 

[Many thanks to Deepthroat for the tip]

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