Friday Night Fights: ‘Sploding, anyone? edition

Friday Night Fights is a weekly gathering of Dtoiders to just play games with one another.

I couldn’t be more conflicted right now. On the one hand, ‘Splosion Man is easily one of the best download-only games to come out this year, but on the other, the co-op is kind of, well, it’s completely jank.

You know how when you play a single screen multiplayer game and what you see, everyone else sees too? Yeah, that’s not really the case for ‘Splosion Man — online co-op, no matter if you are doing four players or only two in total, slowly starts to unsynchronize.

For a game with an N+ level of meanness when it comes to level design, this is a bad thing. However, if like me you must get your ‘Splosion Man fix regardless of such issues, perhaps we can get a room going tonight for FNF? Any takers?

Quick guide to Friday Night Fights for fresh meat: Each week, a bunch of Destructoid readers and usually an editor or two get together to play some videogames online. Fun times!

The planning for FNF takes place in the forums, where Dtoiders volunteer to host by dropping their information (gamertag, time, game, etc.) in the forum post corresponding to the system they’re interested in playing on.

Then, every Friday, reminder posts for those who don’t pay attention to the forums (the scallywags) go up in the community blogs section, thanks to a dedicated bunch of cool folks. And then for those who are too lazy to read the c-blogs, they have got my weekly recap posts which bring all of the FNF-related details into one unified place.

From there, all you need to do is shoot a quick message over to one of the hosts listed below asking for an invite, or simply force your way into the room. Whatever works! The names on the left are our Destructoid user names, and the names on the right are our Gamertags/PSN IDs/Friend Codes/etc.

If you want to get your gaming done later on in the evening, scroll on down past this section, otherwise hit up the following European hosts/early FNFers for a good time.

    Tonight’s Host:

  • Randombullseye – Randombullseye (“Shooting and fighting games” starting at 6:00 – 7:00 EDT)


    Tonight’s Hosts (more info from de Bloo):

  • ScottyG – ScottyGrayskull (Bomberman LIVE, Battlefield 1943, Castle Crashers @ 7:00 – 10:00 EDT)
  • JohnnyViral – JohnnyViral (Castle Crashers @ 8:30, Halo 3 @ 10:00 EDT)
  • t0pc0w – t0pc0w (Bomberman LIVE @ 10:00 EDT)
  • Blehman – blehmeng (Left 4 Dead @ 10:00 EDT)
  • de BLOO – BLOORATARD (Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter II HD Remix @ 11:30 – 12:00 EDT)


    Tonight’s Hosts (more info from Y0j1mb0):

  • Santanaclaus89 – Moosehole (BlazBlue @ 8:00 EDT)
  • Takeshi – JohanHin (Killzone 2 w/ double XP @ 9:00 EDT)
  • JackOfNoTrades – JackOfNoTrades85 (Red Faction: Guerrilla @ 10:00 EDT)
  • y0j1mb0 – k0wb0y-b33b0p (BlazBlue @ 11:00 EDT, SOCOM: Confrontation @ 12:00 EDT)

    Beyond FNF:

  • Destructoid’s Killzone 2 clan


    Tonight’s Game (more info from ryu89):

  • ryu89:
    Skype: Ryuh89
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 0817-3428-3165
    Starting time: 11:00 EDT
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