Friday Night Fights: ob-epic gets the MAINGEAR Prelude!

Hey guys, prize fairy here. Today’s announcement is a little better than usual however: instead of giving away a few t-shirts or a keychain, I get to give away a big fat gaming PC! Woo! Our chosen winner is ob-epic, who competed in both our Call of Duty 4 and Icebreaker rounds. You, Sir, win a $1,300 PC and we will be contacting you shortly to get the deets on where to send the goodies.

The semi-finals are also beginning with krauselator, tato23, iE_Luke, and GrumpyTurtle competing for the $5000 grand prize and $3000 gaming systems sponsored by MAINGEAR. Congratulations, gentlemen! We’d also like to send a special thanks to Intel for making all possible.

Didn’t win it?  Don’t sweat – so far Destructoid has given away $9,300 in PCs and we’ve got $70,700 more in prizes to go!  You can also check out the video after the break that fills you in on our winners so far and hear a little insight from our Grand Prize winner, Weird, who was nice enough to talk to me about why he’s so awesome.

A new season with all new games launches next Friday, so check back for updates then if you want a chance to win one of these PC’s next time.   Good luck, peeps!

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