Fresh on Steam: Empire: Total War

From Sega and The Creative Assembly, Empire: Total War is now available on Steam. This time you’ll take your strategy to the seas in the eighteenth century Age of Enlightenment. Hey, it looks absolutely beautiful (provided you have a beefy PC) and you get to blow up ships with cannons. What more could you want?

As we’ve told you before, this is the first of the Total War strategy games series to use Steamworks for everything from mutliplayer support to achievements and matchmaking. 

“Working with Steamworks was very straightforward,” said Mike Simpson, Creative Director at The Creative Assembly. “The small investment of time to integrate Steamworks not only saved us development time, it helped us develop a better product that we can easily extend with updates and downloadable content post launch.”

For series fans, Steam has a mega pack that contains plenty of Total War goodness, including Empire, for $89.99.

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