French modular lighting system is an homage to dot-chomping

This makes all the modular lighting solutions I’ve seen before look kind of bland. French company Remake has gone above and beyond on this homage to Pac-Man. This would be cool enough if it was a solid piece, but the pieces can be arranged to your taste, allowing you to set the scene however you wish.

The only downer about the setup is that it does not move, so you won’t be witnessing a chase anytime soon. However, if you’re that damned picky, you could just have one wall of your house reserved for a projector and run a continous video of someone playing the game. You could also create a gigantic sculpture of Pac-Man on your lawn out of papier-mache and cream cheese, but there’s a line when it comes to fandom folks, and I think that may be crossing it. 

[Via Gizmodo

Colette Bennett