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Free SNK Trucker hats - winners update

2006-12-01 10:50:00  ยท  Papa Niero

We have a winner's list!  Hit the full story to see if you made the cutoff and how to get your hat in the mail pronto.

If you were fast enough to score a hat, you can complete in part 2 of the contest! Send us the most crazy, awesome, Fatal Furiest photo of you wearing your hat for a chance to win this killer limited edition Chun-Li and Mai action figure set (see gallery below) commemorating Capcom vs. SNK 2

But wait, there's more! An additional *10* runners up will also get a sw33t "Honk if you Bonk" T-Shirt. So don't forget to send us your photos!




Please send an email with your username to [email protected] with the subject line HUDSON-CONTEST with (1) your username and (2) mailing address. Please send it from the email address you have registered in your profile so that our weapons of distrust can verify your identity. 

  1. Chris Taran
  2. SpongBros
  3. Summa
  4. Harassment Panda
  5. Chronotrigger913
  6. Ishaan
  7. Fuzzoof
  8. Pattern
  9. Jaworsky
  10. Vigor
  11. Kyle Gamgee
  12. Light thrower
  13. Faith
  14. 2buckchuck
  15. some_dude
  16. RDX
  17. blaked569
  18. entrager
  19. protoknuckles
  20. senryoku
  21. miller_
  22. DeusPayne
  23. shadow300z
  24. Mabec
  25. bigpixels
  26. orangestickman
  27. frogman
  28. Theplanman
  29. Netphantom
  30. kayka
  31. handdyman
  32. Putthebottledown
  33. LeeMon
  34. son of marx
  35. Lodin
  36. tikki
  37. doodoobrown
  38. fronz
  39. chezboski
  40. antimat3r
  41. digweed13
  42. xmetninjax
  43. talon84
  44. datarefuge
  45. automaticzen
  46. snaileb
  47. lord satorious
  48. vegetajiz
  49. oni
  50. zero_tolo
We will sooon be pimping your cranium, Terry Bogard style. But don't thank me -- ok, maybe thank me a little and send me dirty pictures, but it was Hudson that hooked it up. Why? Well genius, they're promoting the release of Fatal Fury 2 for your cellphone. Isn't that nuts? A NeoGeo game on a cell! Mega Shock!


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