Free Killzone: Liberation (PSP) download pack coming

This post is for the four or five people who are still playing Killzone: Liberation on the PSP. Everyone else can go back to sleep.

Gameplanet Store NZ has received word from Sony that a free download pack for the PSP top-down shooter will be made available on May 21. Players will be able to get the pack through the PSP download service or from the new launched Killzone website.

Pack contents:

  • * Continuing the storyline (more than 2 hours of gameplay)
  • * 4 new missions with new environments (also playable in co-op)
  • * New enemies, challenge games, vehicles and boss-fights
  • * Infrastructure play of all multiplayer maps (max. 6 players)
  • * 2 new arena’s
  • * 2 player ‘head to head’ mode
  • * Headset support
  • * Unlock additional content both in-game and on
All of that for free? Seems like a pretty solid deal to me.


Nick Chester