Foundation 9 announces studio merges, cuts staff

Several of Destructoid’s hardcore Silent Hill fans (myself included) loved Silent Hill:Homecoming, but the word on the street was that most people had a negative reaction to the title. There’s no way to know if poor sales are related to this newest development, but it seems as if developers Foundation 9 have announced the merging of their Griptonite and Amaze studios (both Washington based). Austin, Texas based division Fizz Factor has also been closed completely.

Double Helix Games also suffered staff cuts, and Foundation 9 said it would suspend matching payments in its 401k program. Seems like the economy issues are still causing turmoil, even within the games industry. I’m hoping for more from Foundation 9 in the future, so let’s hope these cute are beneficial to them.

[Venturebeat Via Gamasutra]

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